Kingee Jewelry

With a strong focus on consumer groups in the 3rd- and 4th-tier cities, Kingee Jewelry is committed to providing gold jewelry products with fashionable design and emotional connotation, bringing people a feeling of love and joy, and has become a jewelry brand that is well received by consumers.


Yue Wang Jewelry

Yue Wang Jewelry began in the 27th year of the Guangxu Reign of the Qing Dynasty (1901), and was known as the “Chen’s Silver House” created by jewelry craftsman master Chen Zengyao. After the development of ten decades, it has become the integrated jewelry service provider connecting upstream and downstream of the supply chain, integrating international diamond trade, jade raw material processing, diamond cutting and grinding, jewelry design and development, terminal sales and brand promotion. In January 2015, the company reorganized with the listed company Kingee Culture and now serves as a subsidiary of the listed company Kingee Culture.


Jiefu Jewelry

JAFF Jiefu Jewelry, which was founded in 1993, always adheres to the “love gift” brand philosophy. Its famous jewelry designers at home and abroad have integrated the understanding of contemporary women’s life and emotion into romantic and fashionable jewelry design. The wonderful design concept and exquisite jewelry craftsmanship make JAFF much popular among customers. Now it serves as a subsidiary of the listed company Kingee Culture.


Jaff Beauty Diamond

Jaff Beauty Diamond is a new brand launched by Jiefu Jewelry by combining domestic diamond consumption trends and integrating diamond industry chain resources. It provides the Chinese consumers with high-taste diamond consumption and service experiences with high-quality products, services and multimedia fantastic terminals.


Yue Wang Gold in Authentic Way

By always adhering to the idea of professionalism, persistence and constant improvement, Yue Wang Gold in Authentic Way inherits the time-honored spirit of originality and makes innovation by recombining beauty and materials, bringing every consumer with the magnificent products that could be passed from generation to generation. With the background of state-owned listed companies and China time-honored brands, it has created the ancient brand of Yue Wang Gold in Authentic Way with authentic products and strong marketing resources according to ancient laws by its many famous design masters and national masters.